Thursday, March 4, 2010

Demo Reel 2017

David DeBacker Demo Reel 2017


I'm a VFX artist with experience including Lighting, CFX, Simulation, Finaling and Compositing. 

I'm currently considering short and long term contracts. I am located and permitted to work in Canada, and happy to move internationally.

Hope you enjoy my demo, please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Don't forget to select HD resolution and full screen it!

You can click here to watch and download my Demo via Vimeo.

 Above you'll find my demo reel, current as of February 2017.
 I created portions of this reel while employed at MPC, Mikros Image, Rainmaker Entertainment and Folks Artistes VFX with the final piece created while studying in the Game Arts Program at VanArts.

 My demo shows my abilities as a Lighting Artist, Compositor, Shot Finaling, CFX and Simulation Artist.

"Pirates of the Caribbean", “Goosebumps” and “Victor Frankenstein” are the latest additions to my demo. These films show the Tech Anim skills I provided and accrued during my time at MPC

 I worked on "The Little Prince" and "Mune: The Guardian of the Moon" while at Mikros Image, as a Lighting and Compositing Artist.

 The portions of the demo featuring the film "Escape from Planet Earth" exhibit my work as a Shot Finaling Artist at Rainmaker Entertainment.

 The pieces I worked on while at FOLKS Artistes VFX focus primarily on simulation. They also kept me pleasingly busy with lots of other interesting responsibilities while we worked on the ABC series "Zero Hour".

 The car is a GAZ-M72 model that has (seemingly) been modified. This is a Russian car that was apparently common around the 1970's.

 Take a few steps downwards and you'll find some highlight stills from my demo.

  If you have questions, comments or criticisms I'd love to hear them.


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