Thursday, March 4, 2010

Demo Reel 2013

David DeBacker Demo Reel 2013

Lighting, Compositing, Shot Finaling and CFX

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You can click here to download my Demo via Vimeo.

 Above you'll find my demo reel, current as of  January 2013. New pieces will be added shortly, displaying my simulation experience primarily.

 I created portions of this reel while employed at Rainmaker Entertainment, the rest created while studying in the Game Arts Program at VanArts. I will shortly add the work I created while at Folks Artiste VFX.

 This demo shows my abilities as a Lighting Artist, Compositor, Shot Finaling Artist, Model and Texture artist.

 The portions of the demo featuring the film "Escape from Planet Earth" exhibit my work as a Shot Finaling Artist. 

 The train scene is based on blueprints and photographs of a 1940's era steam train known as a Mohawk, commonly used on the New York Central line. 

 The car is a GAZ-M72 model that has (seemingly) been modified. A Russian car that was apparently common around the 1970's.

 The scenes from Max Steel and Barbie were created while employed at Rainmaker and are examples of my Lighting and Compositing abilitie.

 The pieces I worked on while at FOLKS Artistes VFX focus primarily on simulation. They kept me pleasingly busy with lots of other interesting responsibilities while we worked on the ABC series "Zero Hour". I will be adding these shots to my demo reel shortly.

  If you have questions, comments or criticisms I'd love to hear them.